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Advice and tips on travelling by an interest. Not sure where you want to go yet but interested in wildlife, world food, adventure travel, technology and travel gear, cycling holidays, family travel, budget travel, health tips, working overseas, gap years, diving, trekking and more. Ready to talk travel? We’re waiting. Get help, get connected, get inspired and have your say.

Activities & Gear(4,838)

Backpack and gear advice, shoes, travel clothes and more

Culture Vultures(2,942)

Wax lyrical on the art of travel: film, books, art, music, architecture.

Diving & Snorkelling(3,417)

Diving and snorkelling travel advice

Experimental Travel(1,711)

Get lost and go

Gap Year & Round the World Travel(6,101)

Advice for young travellers on a gap year or RTW trip

Get Stuffed(5,473)

Fill up on food talk, share your recipes, sample local delicacies.


Travel health and vaccination advice forum

Kids To Go(6,833)

Lugging the littlies 'round the globe – advice for travelling with children

LGBTI travel(167)

Advice on gay-friendly holidays, same-sex vacations, pride festivals, safety and more

Life on the Ocean(1,717)

Want to catch a cargo ship, crew a yacht or jump on a ferry? Find your sea legs here!

Like a Sore Thumb(1,710)

For all the conversations that don't fit in anywhere else on Thorn Tree.

Older Travellers(3,215)

Spend the kids’ inheritance and hit the road – travel forum for older travellers

On Your Bike(8,621)

Bike touring and travel advice

Responsible Travel(1,947)

Green travel advice, responsible and sustainable tourism

Snow Business(303)

Snow trips, ski holidays, winter sports travel forum

Speaking in Tongues(6,097)

Linguaphiles and word nerds around the world, give the gift of gab.

The Long Haul - Living & Working Abroad(3,928)

When your life is just one big trip. Your guide to overseas adventures.

Travel Bloggers and Pathfinders(5,413)

Swap blogging tips and share your experiences with other travellers through your blogs, videos, and photos

Travellers With Disabilities(757)

Accessible travel forum

Travel on a shoestring(4,654)

Budget travel advice forum

Travel Tech(6,854)

Travel tech advice – laptops, tablets, cameras, GPS

Trekking & Mountaineering(7,224)

Hiking, trekking, tramping, rambling, mountaineering, climbing travel advice

Wildlife & Nature(704)

Wildlife tourism and nature travel advice